Cocoa Cashmere


Founded in 2009, Cocoa Cashmere is a brand synonymous with premium quality, expert craftsmanship and playful design.

From the cashmere goat herders in Inner Mongolia, to the eponymous Cocoa factory and the final finished product, great care and attention is taken to ensure that each garment reaches our customers via a responsible supply chain and a commitment to quality.

The family-owned Cocoa factory began life in 2009 as a manufacturer for several established British brands, but saw the opportunity to bring their own brand to market, and thus Cocoa Cashmere was born.

Our team of designers in London concentrate all their efforts on producing knitwear that is comfortable yet stylish, current yet timeless, and, most of all, versatile.

The meticulous knitting techniques used in the production of each Cocoa piece ensure the highest level of craftsmanship, and we are constantly looking at different ways to bring considered and innovative designs to our community.

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