Launched in 2019 with 25 years of cashmere production and design expertise ALEGER CASHMERE has quickly built a reputation for designing and creating contemporary seasonal collections in  premium quality cashmere

Our cashmere yarn is spun using 15 micron 100% cashmere fibres from goats breed in the Albas region of Inner Mongolia

We manage the full manufacturing process so we can ensure you the highest quality cashmere knitwear at fabulously accessible prices

Our family’s history of farming and fashion has helped us understand what is important when developing our business. We are able to authentically commit to supporting a sustainable manufacturing model

We are passionate about cashmere and we are dedicated to promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the cashmere industry including environmental protection practices, sustainable breeding practices and ensuring traceability

To ensure the highest quality of cashmere yarn and to promote sustainable cashmere agricultural practices, our yarn suppliers must have passed the Good Cashmere Standard (GCS)

In addition our yarn supplier uses organic farming practices and is certified by “Control Union” Organic Cashmere Certification
Our yarn is fully traceable and is certified using Sustainable Fibre Alliance’s traceability model

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